How to Get Kindle Reviews the Fast, Effective and Legal Way

Updated with Latest Trends | taught by DL Hughes
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Course Introduction
Course Orientation - Please View Before Starting Course FREE PREVIEW
Welcome Video - What You'll Learn About eBook Reviews FREE PREVIEW
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Course Lessons
Lesson 1: Reviews Don't Come Easy FREE PREVIEW
Lesson 2: Why Reviews Are Important
Lesson 3: The Amazon Review Policy
Lesson 4: Why You Should Never Pay for a Review
Lesson 5: The Problem of Free Review Copies
Lesson 6: Organic Reviews
Lesson 7: Should You Solicit Reviews from Amazon Stars?
Lesson 8: How to Ask for Reviews from Family, Friends & Colleagues
Lesson 9: How to Get Reviews from Topic Bloggers
Lesson 10: Request Reviews from Followers
Lesson 11: Use Your eBook to Request Reviews
Lesson 12: Getting Non-Amazon Reviews
Lesson 13: Key Course Issues - Summary
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Lesson Notes
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Lesson 4 Notes
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Lesson 12 Notes
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Course Description

You do not need to leave eBook reviews to chance. Use these methods to get honest reviews for your eBook. Revised Amazon policies will help you reach your goals.
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DL Hughes
DL Hughes
DL Hughes has more than three decades of experience as a writer, editor and publisher. Over the years he has done:

Public relations writing, advertising copy writing, news writing, magazine articles, technical writing, fiction books, nonfiction books, book ghostwriting, documentary film scripts, multimedia scripts, courses and online content.

Don has the background and hands-on experience to make a positive contribution to your writing project. He has:
  • A Bachelor's degree and two Master's degrees (academic and professional).
  • Served as an editor for a national book-selling magazine.
  • Taught writing and New Media subjects at conferences and on the University level, both overseas and in the U.S. He was named to Outstanding Educators of America.
  • Traveled to 31 countries as an NGO journalist.
  • Worked for book publishers and has been the CEO of his own independent publishing company for 24 years.
  • Works as a freelancer from Southern California.

Today, he writes books and teaches courses on writing and publishing, business, education, health issues, relationships and spirituality.

He is genuinely interested in helping his students reach their writing and personal goals. You can reach him here and he responds as promptly as possible.